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Fast, flexible, secure backend for your web, mobile, and AI apps
Exograph is a powerful data modeling language and high-performance query engine that offers dynamically generated APIs
  • Model relational and vector data
  • First-class Postgres integration
  • Fine-grained access control
  • Query execution in < 20ms
  • Small memory footprint < 32MB
  • GraphQL APIs (REST & RPC coming soon)
  • Custom functions and interceptors
  • Deploy to AWS Lambda, Google Cloud, & more
Exograph LogoExograph Logo
Describe your domain model, and Exograph will:
  • Automatically infer GraphQL API for it.
  • Create (and migrate) database schema for it.
  • Execute queries efficiently
Don't write SQL ever again.
module EcommerceDatabase {
type Product {
@pk id: Int = autoIncrement()
name: String
description: String
price: Float
published: Boolean
department: Department

type Department {
@pk id: Int = autoIncrement()
name: String
products: Set<Product>?
Deploy Anywhere
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Awesome Developer Experience

Iterate fast with support for schema creation, migration, deployment, and more throughout the application lifecycle.
Exograph models fit right into your existing Git workflow.