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Both development and production CLI support a few environment variables.

HTTP Paths

  • EXO_SERVER_HOST: The host address of the server. Defaults to localhost in development and in production.
  • EXO_SERVER_PORT: The port of the server. Defaults to 9876.
  • EXO_PLAYGROUND_HTTP_PATH: The path to serve the GraphQL playground. Defaults to /playground.
  • EXO_ENDPOINT_HTTP_PATH: The path to serve the GraphQL endpoint. Defaults to /graphql.
  • EXO_CORS_DOMAINS: A comma-separated list of domains to allow CORS requests from. Defaults to * in development and empty in production.


JWT authentication may be specified by configuring one of the following environment variables (but not both):

  • EXO_JWT_SECRET: The secret to use for signing JWT tokens. Defaults to a generated in "yolo" mode.
  • EXO_OIDC_URL: The URL of the OIDC provider. For example, https://<your-clerk-host>, https://<your-auth0-host> etc.


  • EXO_INTROSPECTION: Whether to enable introspection. Defaults to true in development and false in production.
  • EXO_MAX_SELECTION_DEPTH: The maximum allowed selection depth of a GraphQL query. Defaults to 15.


  • EXO_LOG: The log level. Defaults to info. See Telemetry for more information.

Besides these standard environment variables, each plugin supports configuration through additional environment variables. Please refer to each plugin's documentation for more information. Specifically for Postgres, see its documentation.